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Gurudev Puthur Power Siranjeevi Thailam

Gurudev Puthur Power Siranjeevi Thailam

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  • Puttur Thailam is a trusted pain relief oil which helps in relieving all physical pains like knee pain, back pain, joint pain, nerve pain, muscle pain etc for both Men and Women.
  • Puttur is the name of a village in Andhra Pradesh where millions of people get the traditional bone setting for Fractured and Displaced Bones, It has a 150-year history and is known as the "Mother of All Pain Relief Oils."

Direction for use:

  • Apply 10 drops twice daily with a light massage for the best results. There are herbal extracts used. Before use, shake thoroughly.

Relief from pain:

  • Relieves pain associated with muscles, sprains stiffness and minor rheumatic arthritis and boon for bone.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Manzoor Ahamed
Good Delivery

Good Delivery and Very good product.

Kamdev Das Pattanaik Kamdev Das Pattanaik
Good product

Very useful and affective

Best oil for knee pain

I am suffering from severe knee pain. I just tried this medicine once because of the famous name puttur. Belive me gentleMen it's a boon for people like me. All my swelling pain vanished. I don't know what they use in it but it works. I even have vericose vein, it helps. But I have to continue it daily, if left my pain gets back. It bruns a bit and don't touch your private parts with the applied hand. I want to personally thank the makers of this wonderful medicine. I have been using it for 2 years. According to my observation it not only reduces pain but also heals.

Gurudev Putthur Siranjeevi Thailam

Very good well and helps cure joint pain!!

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