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SKM Siddha And Ayurvedha

Skm Venthamaraiyathi Chooranam 100gms

Skm Venthamaraiyathi Chooranam 100gms

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SKM's Venthamaraiyathi Churna is a herbal powder that helps one to get rid of issues like depression, hypertension, anxiety, panic attacks, and many such similar issues. It helps to relax the nervous system and get rid of the negative vibes present in our body. Depression is a situation that can lead an individual to an unexpected path of unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking. But one should avoid it and try to find some healthy alternatives. SKM's Venthamaraiyathi Churna consists of Cardamom, Ginger, Long Pepper, Licorice, Lotus, Cumin, and many such herbal ingredients for a healthy working nervous system.

It is also a healthy medicinal powder that helps in the removal of anti-oxidants from our bodies. It flushes out the intoxicating substances from our body and keeps it clean and healthy internally. It is a recommended herbal powder to keep the blood pressure under control. Hence SKM's Venthamaraiyathi Churna is also known as an overall health supplement.  

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