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Vasu Cutis Dusting Powder 100g

Vasu Cutis Dusting Powder 100g

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Tough in Fungi, Soft on Skin

Fungal infections and skin problems like prickly heat, sweat irritation and related fungal infection like diaper rash in babies are more common in India. Prolonged summer and monsoon also aggravate prevalence of these conditions. Cutis Dusting powder is India’s first herbal dusting powder. Cutis Dusting Powder is Herbal Anti-fungal, anti-itching powder. Cutis Dusting powder is empowered with the goodness of Neem. Cutis Dusting powder is useful in the condition like fungal infections, itching, and prickly heat. Ajwain oil offers cooling effect and relieves irritation caused by persistent itching.

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