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Raja Sidhaa Marundagam

Raja Nellikai Lehyam

Raja Nellikai Lehyam

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Nellikai Ilagam is a powerful remedy for Syphilis , Bone Marrow Disease , Amoebic dysentery, Cough , Flatulence and Osteoporosis .

This Herbal preparation finds its origin in the Siddha Sasthriya Medicine , the ancient Indian Medical System . The main ingredient Nellikai or Amla along with the detoxified Ajwain, Cloves , Ginger, long pepper, Cardamom and other spices is mixed with brown sugar and clarified butter to get the final product. The long drawn detoxification process lends the Nellikai Ilagam its potency and curative power . 

The rich source of medicinally active compounds, antioxidants, important nutrients are the reasons for the pharmacological effects and the therapeutic effects of the Ilakam . The anti inflammatory, anti bacterial , anti fungal , carminative properties of Nellikai Ilakam

promotes bone and liver health and, stomach disorders and ulcers 

The highly beneficial  Nellikai Ilakam comes as a boon for a fit and healthy  lifestyle.

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