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SKM Siddha And Ayurvedha

Skm Siddah Medicine | Maruthampattai Chooranam 100gm

Skm Siddah Medicine | Maruthampattai Chooranam 100gm

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Product Highlights
  • An herbal and Ayurvedic product.
  • Components used in the formation of Maruthampattai Chooranam are healthy and natural for the body.
  • Helpful under circumstances like low heart rate, hypertension, pain in the chest, and many similar issues.
  • People who complain about heavy breathing can also use this product.

Short Description

Marutham Pattai Chooranam has been evaluated to a limited extent for its cardiovascular properties and for its role in cancer therapy. Hepatoprotective, cardiovascular, antidiabetes, cholesterol-reducing, antimicrobial, and antioxidant effects have been described.

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