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SKM Siddha And Ayurvedha

SKM Sivanarvembu Kuzhi Thailam Softgel Capsules 100N

SKM Sivanarvembu Kuzhi Thailam Softgel Capsules 100N

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Product Highlights
  • Good for all types of Skin Problems
  • Tremendous result in Chronic Weeping Eczema
  • Treats all types of Boils, Chronic Ulcerations
  • Useful in Insect bites

Short Description

Siddha medicated oil capsule  Sivanarvembu kuzhi thailam capsule is used in the management of various skin diseases such as leucoderma, leprosy, eczema, infected wounds, insect bites and boils. Ingredients of this formulation are roots of Indigofera aspalathoides, tubers of Corallocarpus epigaeus and seeds of Celastrus paniculatus.

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